Monday, July 13, 2009

Stop Talking Trash!

I'm so sick and tired of people always talking trash about others when they DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY, when they DON'T KNOW WHATS GOING ON, when they DON'T EVEN BOTHER TRYING TO LOOK AT THE WHOLE PICTURE, when they JUST ASSUME THEY KNOW, etc etc etc.

Who are any of you to judge someone else?! Do you know what kind of problems we're faced with? No. Do you know our limitations? No. Do you see what we do all day long? No. So why do you act like you actually know WHEN YOU HAVE NO IDEA?!

Maybe you all should SHUT UP, stop focusing on others and FOCUS ON YOURSELF because obviously you need some work if you're going to be this judgmental! Or maybe it's because you're so pathetic and have no life that it makes you feel better about yourself to look at other people and point out the flaws you THINK they have.

Until you're perfect, you have NO BUSINESS talking trash about someone else. ESPECIALLY when all it is is an assumption and NOT FACT!

You people are supposed to be loving and up building but all you do is tear others down and are self righteous. Stop thinking the worst in people. You don't talk to us, you talk to others or make your own conclusions which are ALWAYS INCORRECT. You judge us for things you think you know, but you're the ones doing something much worse. Get off your high horse before you get knocked off, because it will happen one of these days and the only person you'll have to blame is yourself.

You know, I see things myself and could easily come to my own conclusion as to whats going on. But the reality is, I DON'T KNOW and whatever it is is THEIR BUSINESS not mine. I don't think the worst in them. I'm imperfect and it's not my place to speak negatively, spread lies, gossip, and talk trash about ANYONE.

And I do know for A FACT that people spread lies about us. How? Well for starters someone informed us that a certain someone that is supposed to be close to us is basically a "spy" to someone close to them. And because I've heard it first hand.

Only God can judge us and he'll do the same to you.

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